Frequently Asked Questions

I am a student. How do I get Started on Mentors Room?
1. Sign Up as a Student.
2. Fill out your personalized profile by clicking on "My Profile" link on the Top right corner.
3. Use "Ask Question?" button on the top right corner to ask your questions, which will shortly be answered by Top Teachers.

I am a student. How do I find Mentors/Tutors on Mentors Room?
Simply click on the "Find Teachers" link. Select the desired category and subject area for which you want a tutor and press the search button. You can sort the best mentors/tutors available based on their reputation on MR.

Who can be a Mentor/Tutor on Mentors Room?
A mentor can be anyone who has mastered a certain level of education. Someone with previous teaching experience is preferred to register as a mentor on Mentors Room. Students of High Schools, Colleges and Universities are also encouraged to become mentors.

How to become a Mentor/Tutor on Mentors Room?
1. Sign up as a Mentor and submit your tutoring advertisement.
2. On the top right corner click on "My Profile" and enter your basic education details.
3. Students will browse your profile and will contact you for private tutoring.

What is Reputation on Mentors Room?
Every member in Mentors Room community has a reputation associated with his/her profile. Reputation defines a member's credibility, level of knowledge and overall activeness in the community. A user's reputation is graded by fellow members of the community, hence it is a very important entity of an individual's profile.

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