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What is Mentors Room?
Mentors Room is an exciting evolution of education in Pakistan and worldwide. It is simultaneously: an education network, a forum and a community, all dedicated to the spread of knowledge and the power of education. It is a place where students will find highly qualified teachers for general and subject specific tutoring and vice versa. Mentors Room gives tutors the opportunities to market themselves, share their relevant work experience and get instantly hired!

What is our future vision?
Our vision is to broaden the reach of mentors and students by removing geographical barriers and turning Mentors Room into a global educational forum. Mentors Room will be an open platform benefiting both groups simultaneously by creating a bridge between local students and international mentors.

Who are we?
Mentors Room is led by a team of vigorous and enthusiastic entrepreneurs determined to work together with the community to build trust and understanding between mentors and students. We are supported by some of the leading institutions of Pakistan for building credibility that can eventually reach out to global communities.

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