How it works for Students?
How it works for Teachers?
  • Welcome to the Largest Educational website in Pakistan connecting Students and Teachers!

    Mentors Room is the place for:
      • Becoming an Online Teacher
      • Finding the best teachers for Online/In Person tutoring
      • Getting instant answers to your subject specific questions
      • Finding assistance for all kinds of Assignments/Homework
      • Entering the league of Top reputed Mentors

  • Mentors Room is the best way to find instant answers to subject specific questions and the quickest way to find highly qualified/reliable teachers for Online/In Person tutoring.

    Students can use the following steps to use Mentors Room:
    1) Sign Up as a Student.
    2) Add Photo and fill your personalized Profile so that Mentors Room community can see who you are!
    3) Use “Ask Question” link on the top right corner to Ask general and subject specific questions.
    4) Use “Find Teachers” link to find the best teachers for tutoring.

  • Mentors Room is the best way to connect with students and teach them! You can get easy access to more than 25,000 students countrywide.

    Follow the simple steps to effectively use Mentors Room:
    1) Sign up as a Mentor, Post your tutoring advertisement and make your personalized profile.
    2) Students will browse your profile and will contact you for private tutoring.
    3) You can also use “Discussion Forums” to market yourself, raise your Reputation and get instantly hired!

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